Extended Validation Certificates

The best choice for e-commerce and trust

Like Organization Validation certificates, this kind of certificate can only be requested by registered businesses and may not be purchased by private individuals. This because, in order to be issued, the Certificate Authority must first verify the physical existence of the business as well as the registered company’s phone number. Moreover, a company representative should sign some documents for requesting this type of certificate.

After extensive verifications by the Certificate Authority about the business, the certificate will be issued and will include in it all the protected domains requested, as well as the company details.

Such details, such as the Company Name and the country of incorporation will be always visible to your (potential) customers in the address bar, highlighted in green. This will infer more trust in your visitors and will certainly provide a boost to your conversions.

Extended Validation certificates not only provide more assurance and trust for your customers, but also for your business. In fact, they carry a very high warranty that protects your business against possible losses caused by a misuse of your certificate by hackers.

Extended Validation Certificates

Comodo EV
Get more conversions on your e-commerce
Validation Type Extended Validation
Certificate Type Single Domain
130.00 / per year See details
Comodo Multi-Domain EV
Get more conversions for all your websites
Validation Type Extended Validation
Certificate Type Multi Domain
250.00 / per year See details
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