Why Multi-Domain EV?

Making business online it’s itself a serious business. With extensive checks performed prior the issuance of the certificate, Comodo Multi-Domain EV delivers a more solid identity assurance, certifying that your business is a true business, run by a real, existing company.

In addition to a standard Comodo EV certificate, Comodo Multi-Domain EV allows multiple domain to be secure within one single certificate, providing a cost effective solution for all your businesses. Moreover, the standard price includes already 3 domain names that can be secured using SSL Technology.

The company name will be always visible to your potential customers on their browser’s address bar, letting them know they are connected to a trustworthy website.

This will improve your conversions and acquisitions of new customers, making the purchase of Comodo Multi-Domain EV a well worth investment for your business.


 Extended Validation
 Trusted by all popular browsers
 Improves conversions on your websites
 2048 bit Industry Standard SSL Certificate
 Reduced shopping cart abandonment
 Unlimited server licenses
 Supports International Domain Names
 3 Included domains. More at a fee

Warranty 1,750,000 $

Secures www and non-www

Unlimited server licenses

Unlimited re-issues

Free SiteSeal included

Best suited for companies

The best for e-commerce

Mobile support

Skilled professional support always included